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Meet Our Founders

A brand was born by their passion for elegances and luxury



Domenico Ponti

well-known in retail design industry, domenico ponti is a co-founder and the brain behind dog fashion's finance, branding and retail distribution. his design knowledge and creativity, along with italian-born appreciation and knowledge of luxury, ensure the brand stays on track on its way to become the most valued luxury brand on the dog market. for over 20 years domenico has been famous for his unmatchable leadership and team-building skills that are now used to develop an unbelievable team of dog fashion brand ambassadors. being a dog parent his entire life, he leads company's r&d and product development. when not working on brand development, domenico can be found on a soccer field or playing his guitar.

Elena Volnova

a dog-lover and e-commerce guru, elena is a co-founder and ceo of dog fashion. with three masters degrees and over 14 years of experience in finance, marketing and operations, she understands both retail and internet commerce and is obsessed about building a true luxury brand. elena is in charge of company's operations, e-commerce strategy and international expansion. she holds a masters degree in positive psychology and is passionate about building a positive company culture at dog fashion. when not running company's operations, elena can be found at a dog park fulfilling her love for photography or at a yoga studio.