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Rilassante Leave-in Lotion Gallon by Dog Fashion Spa
Dog Fashion Spa Rilassante Leave-in Lotion Gallon
Best Rilassante Leave-in Lotion Gallon from Dog Fashion Spa

Rilassante Leave-in Lotion Gallon

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Dog Fashion Spa Rilassante fur+skin lotion is designed specifically for dogs that provide gentle moisturization to their skin. It helps keep your dog's skin hydrated and health

  • Toxin-free lightweight moisturizing lotion is formulated by leading dog care experts and infused with flower and plant extracts to naturally hydrate and protect the coat
  • Helps loosen mats, free tangles, and get rid of static electricity
  • Great for straightening long dog hair and softening coarse dog coats
  • Rilassante lotion is lightly scented with delicate notes of lavender and chamomile for dog relaxation
  • Easy Application: For groomers, simply massage the lotion into your dog's fur and skin. Experience the moisturizing and aromatic effects of the enriching formula. Brush through the coat to ensure even distribution. It can also be used as a leave-on conditioner after shampooing with Dog Fashion Spa shampoo.
  • 1 Gallon, made in the U.S.A.
SKU: DFS 170

Customer Reviews

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Rodrigo L

I have been a professional dog groomer for 14 years and always look for top quality products. I use the shampoo, leave in lotion and essential oil coat freshener spray as luxury line in my shop in Brooklyn, NY. My clients also love the end results and always come back asking for more(: