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Semplice Lotion by Dog Fashion Spa

Semplice Leave-in Lotion 4oz

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Dog Fashion Spa Semplice Fur+Skin Lotion is exclusively designed for dogs, ensuring it meets their specific needs for skin and fur care.

  • Formulated to moisturize and condition your dog's skin, leaving it healthy and nourished. It also replenishes the coat with essential nutrients, promoting a shiny and vibrant appearance
  • Infused with flower and plant extracts, this lightweight lotion naturally hydrates the coat, providing it with the moisture it needs
  • Semplice lotion helps in loosening mats and tangles, making it easier for you to groom your dog
  • Enhances the overall texture and smoothness
  • The lotion has a pleasing scent inspired by nature, combining the earthy aromas of white tea and Tuscan trees. It leaves a subtle fragrance on your dog's coat, keeping them smelling fresh
  • 4oz, made in the U.S.A.

How to Use: For groomers, simply massage the lotion into the fur and skin, and experience the moisturizing and aromatic effects of the enriching formula. Brush through the coat to distribute the lotion evenly. It can also be used as a leave-on conditioner after shampooing with Dog Fashion Spa shampoo.

SKU: DFS 002
3 × 2.8 × 3 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I have a 65 lb. Rough Collie (think lassie) that has A LOT of fur! I've heard several people review this on other websites saying that the product is only worth buying if you have a small dog but I really have to disagree! A little bit goes quite a long way even with a dog as large and fluffy as mine, if you have to empty even 1/4th of the container for one coating of your dog you are using way too much!

This product makes my dogs coat feel nice and makes him smell fantastic! He HATES baths but he really enjoys the process of being rubbed down with this product. It's gentle for him and it's great for occasions when I want him to make a good impression (such as his first meeting with my boyfriends parents, when I take him shopping with me down King Street, etc.). As an added bonus the scent seems to sooth him considerably, he can be quite shy but i've noticed that in the day or two (or three) following the application of the lotion he seems to accept strangers more readily by being calmer and less anxious.

Marcia Yeager

Conditions coat without getting greasy or oily actually feels even better the next day

Joan and Michael Greve

we love your products the skin and hair conditioner is so good she's so soft now Molly hopes she gets to be a fashion star on your website!!! we are looking forward to our next order now she needs the hot pink polish!


After purchasing some products of Dog Fashion Spa, it is had to say which one I like the best. The nose moisturizer is fantastic. I could see a difference in my dogs nose within a few days of using this product. No more dry noses. When I used the coat/skin lotion on my boy, he did a wiggle and got excited. He smelled great afterwards and his coat was very soft.

I look forward to using other products from your company as well as selling them in my store.

Karen Abitz

I ordered DFSpa Dog Shampoo & Conditioner Set and DFSpa Dog Coat Skin Lotion Semplice.

I have to say the results were just amazing!

For the first time in 2 years my dog isn't scratching himself bloody raw and the amazing part is after only the first use!

I have never endorsed a product as much as I will this one!

I wished I would of taken some before & after shots of my dogs coat his skin is actually healing.

Thank you for giving my dog the relief 4 Vets couldn't all I heard from them was "most likely unknown allergies" with a side of outrageous vet bills!

You have a customer for life here Thank you for putting out such an amazing product!