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Dog Fashion introduced its first brand, Dog Fashion Spa, in june 2013 with the goal of developing exquisite grooming products and accessories for dogs. since then, Dog Fashion Spa has become a major player on the 58 billion dollar pet market, specifically it's luxury sector. today dogs are considered family members and estimated 60% of 78 million dogs living in the us sleep in their owners' beds. rising demand for dog personal hygiene products and for high quality dog cosmetics made from the best ingredients have contributed to Dog Fashion Spa's growth and market penetration. from unique fragrances and dog lotions to non-toxic nail care and essential calming oils, Dog Fashion Spa products are sold in pet boutiques, grooming salons, doggy daycare, human spas and gift shops.
in 2014 Dog Fashion introduced its second brand, Dog Fashion Living, designed to be a lifestyle brand for dogs and dog parents. from dog bandanas and dining mats to matching mugs and shirts for dog parents, the brand targets dog lovers at gifts shops and innovative distribution channels that are looking to take advantage of the rapidly growing pet industry and satisfy their customers who have dogs.
vendor support includes "try me" testers, signage, video training sessions and samples for customers. drop ship is available for e-tailers. to become a distribution partner, please call us at 917.775.9090, email to, fill out the form below or start the live chat :)